Why online auctions?

Online auctions are not a new concept. For years, there have been successful online auction platforms for everything from clothing, homewares, books and experiences through to fresh produce like meat and flowers. One industry in Australiathat had not yet embraced online auctions was seafood. Now, Australian Fish Auctions are pleased to be the first online seafood auction platform in Australia, bringing this modern-day approach to retailers and wholesalers Australia-wide.

“We saw an opportunity in the market to bring online seafood auctions to wholesalers in Australia. With experience already in online auctions for fresh produce like flowers, coffee, fruit and vegetables, and with the existing technology already in place, seafood was a logically and much needed step. We are excited to have Coffs Harbour Fishermen’s Co-op onboard as our first distributing co-op and know that many more co-ops and seafood aggregators/catchers will also be keen to sign up.”
Australian Fish Auctions

One of the greatest advantages of Australian Fish Auctions online seafood auctions is that we’re simplifying the supply chain, meaning produce gets to you faster, fresher and for a better price. With less people involved in the process, costs are significantly reduced for the purchaser. Our seafood follows a simple supply chain from port to purchaser, allowing us to deliver on the promise of high quality seafood with freshness guaranteed. If your delivery does not meet the specifications of the fish ordered and described on this website, you must notify Australian Fish Auctions within 48 hours of delivery. We will refer the complaint to the Fishing Co-operative who will contact the purchaser directly.

Another great benefit to our online auctions is that we’re reducing food miles and giving clear food providence, stating who caught our fish, where they caught it and when. Food miles and a lack of transparency in the industry are huge issues that Australian Fish Auctions are aiming to address. By providing Australian retailers and wholesalers with fresh, high quality and local Australian seafood, we are helping to reduce the miles our food travels and making it easier for buyers to purchase local Australian produce. Our online bidding process is a simple and cost-effective way to obtain the seafood that you need.

We pride ourselves on our transparency, something that the seafood industry in Australia has often lacked. We ensure that all our fisherman clearly identify themselves and state where and when their seafood was caught. This allows greater openness between sellers and purchasers and provides access for purchasers to leave online reviews for their preferred buyers, just like other online platforms like eBay and Airbnb. This way, future purchasers can read real-life testimonials and make informed decisions before purchasing.

To find out more about the online auction process and how to sign up, see ‘How to Buy’.

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