Frequently Asked Questions

Simply visit our new customer registration page, in your details and follow the prompts.
You will receive an email with your bidder number once it has been approved by the Fishing Co-operative.
You must first register. Once you have registered, you will receive a bidder number by email. To buy you must sign in with your bidder number and your password. Please refer to the How to Buy section of the website, which explains the dutch auction system.
Does the auction have reserves?
Yes, all fish offered for auction have a reserve. The price on the clock will stop at the reserve if the fish is not sold.
You will receive a ‘Pro-forma’ invoice from the system with a link to pay by credit card unless you have made payment arrangements with the Fishing Co-operative. Once payment is received your fish will be despatched. Please note if you are paying by credit card you must pay by 11.00am on the day of the auction, otherwise the sale will be cancelled and fish sent to Sydney Fish Market.
You will receive a ‘Pro-forma invoice from the system. Your credit card will be charged unless you have made payment arrangements with the Fishermens’s Co-operative.
No, any price guides exclude GST. A tax invoice will issued to all winning bidders.
No, there is no GST applicable to fish. GST is however applied to the delivery fee.
There are no buyers premium or administration fees for our fish auctions, the only charge on top of the order value for the fish is a delivery fee.
The payment pages use a GEO Trust SSL 2048 bit encryption certificate. Australian Fish Auctions does not store your credit card on its website.
No, you cannot withdraw a bid. Please be careful when pressing the ‘buy’ button as you are entering into an agreement to buy the fish.
We ship to Melbourne and Adelaide by air freight from Coffs Harbour so our fish is fresher. For Brisbane and Sydney we ship by road. Please contact us for regional areas.
No, you cannot return the fish.
Buyers must notify Australian Fish Auctions within 48 hours of delivery if the fish delivered is of poor quality or the fish does not meet the specifications of the fish ordered and described in this web site.
Australian Fish Auctions will refer the complaint to the Fishing Co-operative who will contact you.
Australian Fish Auctions is a registered business name of Bidsonline Pty. Ltd. who specialise in auction software.
Our produce travels directly from the port to the buyer, cutting out a middle-man and ensuring your fish arrives faster and fresher.
Food Standards Australia and New Zealand (FSANZ) advises that Australian food supplies are safe. Our fishermen work towards the highest standards and we ensure that the produce we supply meets the highest quality standards.
Mercury is naturally occurring in the environment and is present in seafood in the form of methyl-mercury. While all fish do contain traces of methyl-mercury, fish from Australian waters have very low levels of mercury.
Most of our fishermen work on smaller vessels in the waters of the Coffs Coast and return to port every day. The fishermen utilise fishing methods such as trapping, trolling, long-line fishing, beach hauling, hand lining, netting and trawling. The close proximity to the fishing grounds ensures exceptionally good quality and freshness of the seafood.
Our seafood auctions are held and updated daily and the available products are dependent on the morning’s catch. The waters of the Coffs Coast are where the warmer ocean current from the North merges with the colder current from the South, so we are able to offer a diverse range of warm and cold water seafood all year round. Have a look at our daily auctions for more information.