The provenance of the food we eat has become increasingly important over the past decade.

People are demanding more transparency around their food.

We want to know it is fresh, how long ago it was caught and exactly where it came from.

Isn't it great to know the prawns we are eating came from Coffs Harbour just two days ago? And that delicious crab is straight from the stunning waters of Port Broughton?
We have developed technology that enables fishers to register their catch onto the blockchain, straight from the boat.

All fish and seafood products from Australian Fish Auctions are registered onto the Ethereum Blockchain.

Freshchain's Food Provenance Blockchain gives us the power to provide this information for you, in real time.

Recent barcodes for viewing blockchain data: 305776886, 305777561, 305778108, 305778622, 305778655, 305968435
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